About Us

Darsoussia is one of the most important centers primarily in Morocco, in the specialized city of Agadir. It has been corrected in industrial, cosmetic and cosmetic circles. This center has found effective and definitive solutions to most physical problems.
Which limit the attractive and appropriate aspects of the individual within his community, those aspects which would allow a person to be fully satisfied with his state of health, nutrition and aesthetics.

In the domain of health

We know that the main causes of illnesses are the accumulation of body wastes and wastes over years cluttered with unhealthy eating habits, psychological anxiety and nervous stress resulting from fatigue or work stress and discomfort. Mental or physical, and when the organs responsible for excretion become overcrowded with toxic substances and are unable to get rid of them. This leads to epidemics.

And we also know from what modern science has found that the body has the ability to repair and cleanse itself as long as it gets its energy and capabilities from healthy, healthy eating.

So why if we are giving our bodies unhealthy and unhealthy fuel and corrupting and turning off devices?

Responsible for the staging, we either expect our bodies to stay healthy or we ask them to fix what has been corrupted by them.


In our center you will find a team with pioneering experience in natural remedies that reveals the state of health of your body and provides you with the latest natural methods of healing diseases.

Elimination of toxic substances and wastes through highly audited and regulated programs, So that the body can perform the process of self-repair and self-cleaning.

In the food industry

Half of the diseases that afflict humans today are due to errors in the diet, although the effect of these errors is usually not visible, due to its slow progress which can extend over decades.

If half of the illnesses are due to errors in nutrition, then it makes sense that Correct nutrition also cures half of all illnesses, especially chronic illnesses, It was unable to heal and chemical drugs did not eliminated

By discovering these facts about the link between food and certain diseases, it was also possible to use healthy foods for the treatment and prevention of diseases.


In our center you will find a team of nutritionists, the role assigned to them is the important advice and instructions for a healthy diet, because you can find on the spot healing and purifying juices, several types of tea drinks and a restaurant dietetic.

You can get all kinds of dietary supplements and natural oils, as well as powder, Coffee, with its different flavors, tastes and diet formulations for people with neurological diseases, diabetes and other diseases, as well as many types of spices and important healthy herb combinations.

In cosmetics

A person cannot beautify their face until they know everything about this

beautifying face

Face Shape

Her skin: what kind of skin are you

Lips and teeth

Eyes and eyelids

Eyebrows and forehead

Nose and cheeks

Chin and neck

Facial features are subject to change from time to time, it expresses happiness and joy, it also expresses sadness or anger, it is a mirror that reflects the conditions of the whole person.

True beauty doesn’t stop with the cream or makeup that every woman uses or the charms of her body, but includes products and exercises that stimulate the senses. She resists psychological pressure, strengthens vitality and gives a feeling of freedom … Anything a woman chooses to decorate, from the energy-based fragrance of aromatic oils to red shoes, juicy flowers, scented wax, and a part from the beauty process can tell.

Many people suffer from skin and hair problems, obesity and thinness, which prevent them from achieving agility and body beauty. The questions asked of each woman are as follows:


• Do you find a problem in your skin that threatens your beauty and causes you confusion and anxiety?

• Has your face become dull, pale, and lost its freshness and appeal?

• Is white hair at the start of your head and becoming easy to split and fall out?

• Has dandruff become a heavy host that will not leave your scalp?

• Do you suffer from dark circles and wrinkles around your eyes?

• Are you worried and bewildered by bad body or mouth odor?

• Are you overweight, obruzzy, rumen and buttocks?

• Do you complain about very thin or small breasts?

• Do you suffer from sensitive issues or embarrassing things that have caused you embarrassment and reckless confusion …


If you answered yes to any of these questions

Or if you are suffering from a problem that threatens your beauty and affects your femininity, we offer your hands


In our center you will find a team of natural beauty experts who provide you with the best services and the best powders and creams, and you also find effective solutions to femininity and beauty problems, which we summarize as follows

Hair loss and breakage

Dark circles around the eyes

Restlessness, slurred speech and snoring

Acne and facial wrinkles

Thin and small breasts

Blue veins in the legs

Melasma, freckles and vitiligo

Thick hair on the face and body

You benefit from cosmetic programs that provide final solutions to all problems

Skin and hair

Also programs for fitness, slimming and obesity

You will also find in our center a team of massage experts who provide you with the best services using the best natural oils